ELR9000 DC Electronic loads

Programmable DC Electronic loads with grid feed capability 80V to 1500V 3.5KW to 10.5KW

Snaptec has intoduced a range of new high power DC electronic loads with grid feed capability. The new ELR 9000 series offer a range of models that cover input voltages from 80VDC up to 1500VDC, as well as currents between 22A up to 510A at power ratings of 3500W, 7000W or 10500W. The new ELR series are compact in size, the 19" enclosure is 3RU high which means a high power system up to 105KW total power can be built in a single rack cabinet.

The standard integrated energy recovery feature presents some interesting features compared to common DC loads:
  • The supplied DC energy is converted to AC with approx. 95% efficiency and fed back to the local or public grid --> this saves energy costs
  • Extensive cooling or exhaust systems can be omitted, because the heat emission is reduced to a minimum
  • Significantly reduced audible noise
  • Reduced device height

  • THE ELR 9000 series of dc electronics loads with grid feedback also include all common features of modern electronic DC loads. For example, all models offer the four regulation modes constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) and constant resistance (CR). The fast, digital, FPGA based control circuit also provides a set of new functionality: True function generator with square, sine, saw tooth or arbitrary curves, each applicable to one of the set values U, I Simulation of non-linear internal resistances A loadable value table with 4096 points that is embedded in realtime into the control circuit Handling and adjustment, as well as setup are simplified via the new touch panel. The big graphics display provides an overview of set values, actual values and device condition at a glance. Two additional rotary knobs are used to fastly and accurately adjust set values or settings in the setup.

    For remote control via PC and integration into industrial networks such as CAN or Profibus, all models can be used with a selection of pluggable interface modules for CANopen, Profibus, ProfiNet, RS232, ModBus, DeviceNet or Ethernet, besides the integrated USB interface.

    Another new feature is the USB host interface on the front, which enables the user to load/save so-called arbitrary functions and user profiles from USB flash drives.

    The new ELR 9000 series finds use in renewable energy research labs as well as solar labs and general power testing applications. For further information please contact Snaptec.