New DC UPS 24V 4A / 12V 8A Chassis mount with IEC Input

DC UPS units 24V 4A , 12V 8A

Recently we added the new GSU series of DC UPS units to our range of DC UPS solutions. The GSU series is made of two models , the GS1208 is a 12V 8A DC UPS and GS2404 is a 24V 4A DC UPS.

The GSU series offers many unique features which include :
  • Rugged very compact case for chassis mounting and optionally din rail mounting
  • Pluggable terminals for ease of installation
  • IEC AC input , for ease and safety of use
  • Temperature sensor for accurate battery charging
  • Optional boost function with adjustable boost time
  • On board pluggable battery fuse
  • Alarm relays to indicate DC failure and battery low

  • The GSU series of DC UPS units use standard sealed lead acid batteries.

    The GSU series of DC UPS find use in a wide range of applications which includes security systems , industrial control , PLC backup and automation , telecom systems and basically any application where power supply continuity is required. For further information please contact Snaptec.