High Power Variable Power Supplies 5KW 10KW 15KW

The new PS8000-3U is a range of high power industrial variable power supplies with a constant output power stage. Available in 3 power ratings of 5KW , 10KW and 15KW

The new series PS8000-3U series are high power AC/DC Industrial variable power supplies is now available from Snaptec Australia, with rating from 5kW up to 15kW in 19" rack housing and 3RU height. The PS8000-3U AC/DC Industrial variable power supplies can be used as a building block for a complete power solution up to 150KW of power in a 19" rack cabinet system.

All models are equipped with a flexible auto-ranging constant power output stage which provides a higher output voltage at lower output current, or a higher output current at lower output voltage provided the total power does not exceed the rating of the power supply. This allows a wider range of applications with a single power supply model.

The various models of the PS8000-3U AC/DC Industrial variable power supplies available cover output voltages from 0-80V all the way up to 0-1500V, and output current ratings from 0-30A all the way up to 0-5100A. Three power rating of 5KW , 10KW and 15KW for a single unit, and up to 150KW by using multiple units connected in parallel or series. The output terminals are located on the rear panel.

All important parameters of the PS8000-3U AC/DC Industrial variable power supplies can be retrieved from the clearly visible display on the front panel while output connections are from the rear panel. The parameters displayed include:
1- Actual output values.
2- Preset set values for U, I, P, over- and under voltage protection.
3- Actual control state (CV,CC,CP).
4- Errors and settings of the setup menu.

In order to ease adjustment of values by the rotary encoders, a coarse and fine switch is available with a simple key stroke. The unit has been designed with ease of use in mind. To prevent the user from accidental change of parameter a master lock switch is available that will prevent any parameter adjustment.

For users requiring system expansion the PS8000-3U AC/DC Industrial variable power supplies are parallel ready and can be easily integrated into a complete high power solution.

The standard models available are as follows:
PS8080-170-3U: 0-80VDC , 0-170A , total power = 5KW
PS8200-70-3U: 0-200VDC , 0-70A , total power = 5KW
PS8500-30-3U: 0-500VDC , 0-30A , total power = 5KW
PS8080-240-3U: 0-80VDC , 0-340A , total power = 10KW
PS8160-170-3U: 0-160VDC , 0-170A , total power = 10KW
PS8200-140-3U: 0-200VDC , 0-140A , total power = 10KW
PS8400-70-3U: 0-400VDC , 0-70A , total power = 10KW
PS8500-60-3U: 0-500VDC , 0-60A , total power = 10KW
PS81000-30-3U: 0-1000VDC , 0-30A , total power = 10KW
PS8080-510-3U: 0-80VDC , 0-5100A , total power = 15KW
PS8200-210-3U: 0-200VDC , 0-210A , total power = 15KW
PS8240-170-3U: 0-240VDC , 0-170A , total power = 15KW
PS8500-90-3U : 0-500VDC , 0-90A , total power = 15KW
PS8600-70-3U: 0-600VDC , 0-70A , total power = 15KW
PS81500-30-3U: 0-1500VDC , 0-30A , total power = 15KW